A Community Reinforcement Approach to Addiction Treatment

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Community Reinforcement Therapy for Cocaine-Dependent Outpatients

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What Is CRAFT?

Evaluation and Program Planning [04 Jun , ]. In clinical practice evidence-based treatments are delivered in widely varying degrees.

The Community Reinforcement Approach

This study examines which Community Reinforcement Approach CRA procedures are delivered by addiction care therapists and how this is associated with therapist characteristics. Firstly, using a prospective design, 24 therapists registered every CRA procedure delivered during every patient contact over a six month period. Secondly, using a cross-sectional design, personal characteristics of 69 therapists were assessed including their self-reported delivery of CRA procedures and their perceptions with regard to the meaningfulness and complexity of these procedures.

Community Reinforcement Approach and Adolescent CRA

More experienced therapists and those that had received advanced training previously, delivered more CRA procedures. Finally, the delivery of CRA procedures was positively associated with experienced meaningfulness and negatively associated with difficulty. Read Article at publisher's site.

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Typical skills include problem-solving, communication, and substance refusal. By developing these skills, the IP will be in a better position to change the contingencies around them. CRA will aid in the process of finding or maintaining employment, but the community-based treatment goes beyond this. If the IP's life was previously built around substance use, abstinence will bring out excessive free time, and IPs may not know what to do with this.

CRA helps to identify and encourage appropriate social and recreational activities. Using the identified triggers of use, relapse prevention will focus on predicting risky situations and planning ways to manage these. The IP will work with their CSO to assess the current state of the relationship and identify how they would like it to be in the future. Focus on addressing issues of the past is minimized and replaces with adding daily positive experiences to the relationship. It can be taught in a support group setting comprised of approximately 7 hour-long sessions.

Each session will focus on one of the aspects below. It may be a newer model of treatment, but it has already found success in studies done on alcohol use and substance use populations. A caring advisor will walk you through your options.

Along the way, Eric worked as a collaborating investigator for the field trials of the DSM-5 and completed an agreement to provide mental health treatment to underserved communities with the National Health Service Corp. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the DrugAbuse. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

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