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My sympathy has limits, however. I counted four.

It was built to be modern, efficient, healthy, and, all in all, a pleasant place to live. Many Britons find this amusing. There are plenty more where those came from, as well as some fine running gags, quick but wonderful jokes about Welsh TV and several long and beautiful set-ups that only work within the context of the book.


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And I hope you do get there, because this is a funny book, no matter what Queenan says. Which is the other big deal about Good Omens.

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Pratchett and Gaiman are both capable of good writing — but more on that next week. This is a short sale though, so don't wait. This ingenious luggage set connects together so you can get to and through the airport more easily.

Book: A Time of Omens

These tiny pests adapt so successfully to changing conditions that they have become humankind's deadliest predator. We might soon be able to eradicate them — but should we? We can't relive our childhoods, but we can watch a seven minute video that encapsulates everything we miss, from "The Last Airbender" to the sound of dial up internet. The cause is currently unknown.

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The sitcom's lucrative run led to copycat after copycat after copycat — even long after it had left the air. The Alien Cathouse, a mere 70 miles from Area 51, would like to make all of your extraterrestrial fantasies come true — if, of course, they only involve sex.

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Geologists' new analysis of rocks show old continents, including Greater Adria and Zealandia, from millions of years ago lie buried beneath Earth's surface. Design expert Dan Formosa tries out different kitchen gadgets such as a jar opener and an egg cracker to see whether or not they really improve the process of cooking. Athletic Brewing is just a year old, but it's already making nonalcoholic beer cool. Harvest time means party time!

Get together with your best friends, toast some marshmallows and enjoy the new season with this handy portable fire pit. In the most extreme regions of the universe, galaxies are being killed. Their star formation is being shut down and astronomers want to know why. But would you actually go through with it? Here's why the buttes — steep hills with flat tops — of Monument Valley have appeared as a backdrop in nearly every western movie, even those that are not set in Arizona.

Since its debut three years ago, the only way to consume the Impossible Burger has been to find a restaurant that serves it. Can you figure out this math problem involving a frog's approximate amount of leaps it needs to get to the other side of the river? It's an internet fight and only the funniest memes will survive.

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This week's challengers: Keke Palmer, Aliens at Area 51 and more. Gearing up for the Emmys, Michael Musto looks back at some of the best, worst and weirdest instances of performers expressing gratitude as they received their shiny trophies. Bummed out by the world and their role in it, tech workers are seeking help — and founding some start-ups along the way. The hidden pipe problem associated with agriculture.

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Using geotagged tweets, researchers found four types of social connectedness in big U. The Storm Area 51 event called for people to Naruto run to the military base and thus inspired many Naruto-related memes. Either God moves in mysterious ways, or the gods that govern television do. Now, though, their time is almost up. A war between Heaven and Hell is brewing; Judgment Day is just a week away.

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The author pairing was equally auspicious. Readers disagreed. A film was the obvious next step. Or so it seemed.