Analog Device-Level Layout Automation

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Is Automated Analog Layout Finally a Reality?

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Typically, EDA vendors have tried to apply digital placement and routing technologies or techniques to the analog layout problem. This will never yield the results an analog designer is looking for in terms of quality of results, or in terms of considering the complex constraint requirements for analog. Constraint setup itself is a huge problem, so much so that it is usually quicker to do the layout manually than enter all the constraints.

Finally, the tool flow, setup, training, and use model has been too complex for many analog designers. A new automated approach What is needed is a new flow that gives good floor plan estimates early in the design cycle, together with good parasitic estimates so that excessive overdesign can be avoided. This will be a necessity for the latest process geometries. Multiple floor plans should be generated so the designer can explore the optimal layout for the design and pick the best one for his needs.

Placement and routing cannot be done separately. They need to at least be co-dependent to ensure that the design can be routed percent with optimal area, while meeting the required constraints to ensure a good-quality layout.

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  6. Constraint generation should be as automatic as possible by recognizing common circuit topologies. However, the user should be free to choose to modify these constraints to enable him or her to home in on the desired floor plan in a simple user-friendly way. And above all, the automated approach should require the minimum setup and have a simple, easy-to-use GUI so users can be productive with minimal training.

    Analog Devices Automates and Accelerates Layout with Virtuoso Platform

    In this flow, you open a schematic straight from OA the Open Access database into an automated layout editor, which would then proceed to create all the necessary devices and concurrently place and route them to generate DRC and LVS clean layouts in several variants. Extraction of parasitics can then be done for simulation.

    If performance is not met, then the designer can make schematic or constraint changes until it is — but the whole process needs to be simple and fast. Although the process described should be as automatic as possible, designers will always need the ability to make minor changes.

    Benefits of the new approach As the new flow will be required to be simple to use, it can be used by circuit designers early to get faster, more accurate simulation results and thus reduce iterations. Let us know your experience using layout tools. What problems have you had, and how have you overcome these problems? Keith great article thanks for sharing it, the process of analog circuits normally starts with the selection of an appropriate circuit topology, then analog designers iteratively optimize this circuit using knowledge-based circuit simulation tools to meet requirements, this is far more better or superior than existing traditional tools and can give comparable results to manual layouts.

    Even though there is automated layout flow, still manual process might be required. For example, routing can be automatically done, but depending on board shape and layers, Routing might be manipulated. The digital realm of layout applied to analog does not work well, especially when the digital method tries to set one plane horizontal and the other vertical. Analog signals jumping from layer to layer can create signal noise to an unreasonable levels.

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    Power supply layouts are another human-involved situation that I have not found a good auto-router to use. This involves both the component placement and routing of feedback signals and current-sense signals. Other challenges, besides just component placement, for analog layouts are places where shielding is required around a signal. I have brought in a signal to a board and have used ground planes above and below the trace, as well as running a ground trace to either side. I see it difficult to incorporate layout challenges as above into an automated layout software. If something does come up, it could be a big deal in analog electronics and many people would be trying it out.

    RedDerek — the issue of signals jumping from one plane to another or one trace to another is a serious issue. Then there is the effect of current flow in a trace flowing over a ground plane, and the resultant return current flow induced into a specific area. Not sure how well this is dealt with in the automated versions of layout software. You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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    Automated Analog Design Constraint Checking

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