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Collected Papers in Avian Paleontology Honoring the 90th Birthday of Alexander Wetmore

Stone is a leading scholar in two different fields of research, the Jewish literature of the Second Temple period including the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Armenian Studies. So this collection includes essays relating to the origins and nature of the Apocryphal literature and its relationship with the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as more specific studies devoted to themes that have interested Stone throughout his career, including Messianism, 4 Ezra, Adam and Eve, and Aramaic Levi Document.

His Armenian interests have embraced the Armenian Biblical text, Armenian pilgrimage to and presence in the Holy Land and Armenian paleography and epigraphy. Papers included in the volumes, some of which were originally published in obscure venues, touch on all these themes.

Honmold Chapter Early Years in Modern Conservation Biology. Michael E. Pub Date:. October Add to Cart.

Collected Papers of Twentieth-century Japanese Writers on Japan

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Abstract: This volume is a collection of papers by Robert Steinberg. Book Series Name: Collected Works. Volume: 7.

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