Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications

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Models and tools for designing data-intensive web applications - IEEE Conference Publication

More Computers. As described by the authors, the goal of this book is the proposal of a mix of concepts, notations, and techniques for the construction of data-intensive Web applications, which can be used by Web development teams to support all the activities of the application lifecycle, from analysis to deployment and evolution.

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The authors achieve this purpose, and provide an easy to read, but more importantly, an easy to follow set of instructions, methods, and examples to guide programmers in moving to the data-intensive applications that the more dynamic Web and portal technologies require. The books combination and extension of known modeling techniques in a new constellation, to create a new software engineering technique, may well prove to be its major contribution.

The creativity of the combination of techniques to form a method is remarkable, as is the books easy pedagogic style. This language is used to guide the reader in specifying and designing a Web application, including requirements specification, data design, and hypertext design.

Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)

A data intensive Web application is a Web site that accesses and maintains large amounts of structured data. Most current Web sites and emerging application sites are of this nature.

Platform for Scalable Web Apps - How I built my website with Kubernetes

Four major sections are contained in the book. The first section is a technology overview that gives the reader a basic foundation in Web application software.

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Models for designing Web applications are covered in the second section, which covers the E-R modeling tools and UML in a very readable way that leads to the introduction of hypertext and content modeling. Section 3 covers the design of these models, and the development of these models into something that can be implemented.

Finally, the last section covers implementation techniques, starting with an architecture for creating such implementations. The text is presented in a clear and very easy to understand style. Examples abound.

Design of Web Applications. Implementation of Web Applications.

About the Authors. Otras ediciones - Ver todo Morgan Kaufmann series in data management systems: Designing data-intensive Morgan Kaufmann series in data management systems: Designing data-intensive