Eisenhower at War 1943-1945

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In this engaging and fascinating memoir, David Eisenhower—whose previous book about his grandfather, Eisenhower at War, —, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize—provides a uniquely intimate account of the final years of the former president and general, one of the giants of the twentieth century. He was eager to advise, instruct, and assist his young grandson, but as a general of the army and president, he held to the highest imaginable standards. At the same time, Eisenhower was trying to define a new political role for himself.

Ostensibly the leader of the Republican party, he was prepared to counsel his successor, John F. As the tumultuous s dawned, with assassinations, riots, and the deeply divisive war in Vietnam, plus a Republican nominee for president in whom Eisenhower considered unqualified, the former president tried to chart the correct course for himself, his party, and the country.

Meanwhile, the past continued to pull on him as he wrote his memoirs, and publishers and broadcasters asked him to reminisce about his wartime experiences. The technical difficulties of amassing the right number of infantry troops, of ships, of ordinance, medical supplies, food and shelter, were daunting. Each of the Allies had an agenda at variance with the others.

Eisenhower at War 1943-1945

I'm fairly convinced that of the available qualified generals, only Eisenhower had the temperament to weed his way through all the complexities. Sep 12, Jeremy Perron rated it it was amazing. This book about Dwight D. David Eisenhower began working on his book during the Watergate controversy that brought down the presidency of his father-in-law, President Richard M. To the younger Eisenhower, the work was a form of escapism from the problems of their facing.

However, originally his book was going t This book about Dwight D. However, originally his book was going to be about the second term of grandfather's presidency because those both were happier memories and a fascinating time in the nation's history.

Every time David Eisenhower went to describe an event in the second term, he found himself having to go back and explain the events the first. Moreover, as explained the events of the first, he found himself going back all the way to the war to provide the details that he wanted. So as a result, instead of writing a book about the second term he decided to write one about the war. The book, in the first three chapters, deals with the planning, events, and atmosphere leading up to D-Day.

The rest of the book deals with the war until V-E day. The book contains descriptions of battles, charts, and photographs form the events.

Eisenhower at War Part 3 of 3 : David Eisenhower :

However, that is not what I personally found to be the most fascinating part of the book. To me, what make this book a good read was where the grandson could tell stories of events only a few people would have been privy to. During a twilight stroll through the woods behind the five-acre Telegraph Cottage compound, John, walking to his father's left, posed a question. Do I salute first, and when he returns my salute, do you return his? My all-time favorite happens to involve the pervious King of England.

According to a story told by staff members, the King and Eisenhower in Tunisia had once ridden together in a jeep for several hours in complete silence. On the twenty-sixth, however, King George was gregarious. Over lunch, served buffet style in an upstairs apartment, the three reminisced. The Queen told Eisenhower for the first time about something that had happened on his tour of Windsor Castle two years before.

As it turned out, the guide, Colonel Sterling, had forgotten to that the King and Queen were on the grounds. The couple were sipping tea in the garden when they suddenly heard Sterling, Eisenhower, and Clark approaching. The royal couple had not wanted to intrude, so they knelt on their hands and knees behind the hedge until the Americans had walked by.

Eisenhower: At War, 1943-1945

Now the three shared a laugh. It is personnel information like that, which makes this book very enjoyable. I am sure that anyone who gives this book his or her time will enjoy it as well. Camp David is named after the author. Apr 27, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: reference-books , books-i-own. This book is one of my geeking-out prizes, since it's a signed copy from the presidential library, and I read it basically to say that i did, but my God, it went on FOREVER.

Eisenhower at war, 1943-1945

It went into such excruciating detail that even for someone who studies WWII, I wanted to throw it out a window. Only the fact that I always finish a book once I've started it kept me going. I'm keeping basically only for the geek value it adds to my collection, and in case I ever need it for research, but I don't expected t This book is one of my geeking-out prizes, since it's a signed copy from the presidential library, and I read it basically to say that i did, but my God, it went on FOREVER.

Dwight D. Eisenhower as an Historical Figure

I'm keeping basically only for the geek value it adds to my collection, and in case I ever need it for research, but I don't expected to actually read it straight through again. View 2 comments.

This book was written by David Eisenhower, the grandson of the former President and attempts to explain some of the decisions that the five star general made in the execution of the European campaign during World War II. It contains considerable information, but is rather dull in its recitation of this and that, such as who visited where on what dates.

Overall, I would give this a 7 on a scale of one to ten high.

EISENHOWER : At War, 1943-1945

Apr 01, Don Stanton rated it really liked it. Although written by his son,David, it gives the sense of balance to the complexities of one of histories most famous men. Again, well worth your time if this is a time period of interest. Amazing book. Quite quite long. I like how Ike's grandson went into private details and also the battle plans were very detailed. A must read for a WWII buff. Don Garvey rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Bob Alexander rated it really liked it Jul 10, David Hill rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Natasha rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Patrick Shilling rated it liked it Dec 26, Edward Young rated it really liked it Jan 19, Brad rated it liked it Jul 12, Papias rated it liked it Sep 22, Shirley Hines rated it really liked it Oct 26, Lisa Broemer rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Antonio rated it it was ok May 28, Latonia rated it really liked it Jun 24, Gregg rated it really liked it Feb 01,