Lightning in a Bottle: The Proven System to Create New Ideas and Products That Work

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Step 3: Put your article together with your keyword in the title.

That way you have a shot of ranking your article as you start building links. Step 4: Reach out to your experts when the article is published. Once your article is ready to greet the world, email the experts who contributed to it and let them know. This comes in the form of searching for resource pages in your niche that have missing or broken links.

You can do a search like this in Google to find them:. Check your vetted list to see if there are any broken links or if your resource would be a good fit for them. Step 6: Now, get your email together so ask for the link. This template has proven fruitful for me:.

As I was checking out the resources, I hit some broken links. Let me know if you want me to send you the short list.

Send it off and move on to the next one. While you probably have photos for your products, it may be time to reinvesting some of your profits into your another set of product photography. This could mean bringing in a photographer and creating shots that put your highlight your products and tell a story. Writing descriptions can feel tedious and annoying. Your descriptions are more than just a way for you to talk about your product. You can write them in a way to get found on Google, drive more traffic to pages, and increase sales. Below are my tips on how to do just that.

Write For A Persona. They will help set the tone and energy of what your write. The features should speak to fulfilling a desire in your customer. Use Tone From Your Persona. As mentioned above, your personas have a tone to them. Happy, energetic, professional, or whatever that may be, use the tone in your copy to help connect and convert. Layer Critical Information. Mix the critical info into the rest of the description for tightly wound information.

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Content Needs To Be Original. Google wants original content on all your pages, and that includes your product descriptions. Content Needs To Be Substantial. User Generated Content Helps…A lot. When other people start using and talking about your products, Google pays attention. You can use tools like PixelShop to finding user generated content and post it under your products.

Optimize For Core, Related Keywords. Keywords are important for your products copy. You should research these ahead of time and pepper them throughout your description. Another little hack worth using is placing a keyword in your page title since this is one of the more important areas that Google can read and categorize. When writing descriptions, it can be tempting to copy the ones written my Amazon or the manufacturer.

Lightning In A Bottle by David Minter & Michael Reid -

If you do end up using duplicate content, set your robots. One of my go-to tools for getting reviews is Yotpo. The way this tool works for helping your get review, finding and displaying user generated content, other features are really great. Obviously, this comes with a cost. Here are five steps to get reviews on your products that can save you some money but still be very powerful.

ISBN 13: 9781402210327

Reviews can give your conversion rate a powerful boost during the checkout process. You can do a simple search in Google for blogs in your niche. Aside from blogs, there are review sites that review everything from A to Z. I recommend using Buzzstream for this process, though. Because you can sort by Domain Authority and other traffic metrics.

YouTubers and Instagramers are other people you should consider when looking for product reviews as they have the reach you want and the audience you want to get in front of. With a list in hand of targeted influencers, start reaching out to ones via email or messaging apps to inquire about getting them to review your product.

Some may like just free swag in exchange for a review while others may ask for money. We will help drive traffic to your website by promoting the post on our social media sites we have X followers and mentioning it on the several online forums that we are active in. A lot of people will scratch off influencers who say no the first time around.

Your goal should be to build relationships with them so even if they say no, keep in touch and be friendly. It can pay off in the end. One of the easier ways to get product reviews is from your current customer base. They have bought your stuff, and they know your brand so the reviews here are ripe for picking. You can setup email automation triggers to send customers an email a couple of days after purchase asking for a review.

Another option is to email your entire database a coupon in exchange for a review.

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Make sure you have a platform and process that all allow for reviews. Double check that the review plugin or add on will enable the rich snippet review in Google search. But your email list is something that once you build it, you own it. Once you build a list of potential customers, resist the urge to blast them with generic sales promos. Running a contest beforehand, pre-qualifies your list. Here are a couple underutilized ways to get the most out of your marketing efforts while building your email list. One of the best ways you can draw people into your email list is by running contests.

You can use all your promotional avenues to point people in the direction of your email list by enticing them with winning something from your store. If you already have your store live, then you may have a product or two that tends to sell the best. These tools require a person to give their email address to enter to win.

Depending on your tools, you can easily announce who the winner of your contest will be. People love the chance to win something free, but when if lose it can be a bit of a bummer. Luckily, you can save the day by emailing all the applicants a special offer as a thank you for participating.

They get a deal. You make a sale. Everyone wins. In a contest, usually only one or even a few people can win. Another underutilized tactic for email list building is YouTube.

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Product videos are a great thing to put on your contest page. This strategy not only helps you sell more, but it also increases traffic with chances of adding more people to your email list. The great thing about spending money on sponsorships is that not only does it help you advertise your brand and products, but you can also get great backlinks from sites with high page authority. There are three solid steps to help you land sponsorship deals. This is the best place to start since there are the ones who usually accept sponsorships.

You can do a search query like:. You can use a template like this one to help you speed up the process. Are you looking for new sponsors? If so, please send me some information about how we can get involved. Many forums allow for sponsoring of dedicated subforums that allow you to control the anchor text of links which is great for SEO. If you think there are no forums in your niche, you may be surprised what a simple search will bring up.

Using a query like:.

Lightning in a Bottle: The Proven System to Create New Ideas and Products That Work

It may seem a bit old school, but people still listen to radio and that means there is an audience waiting to hear about your brand. These ads are cost-per-click ads you buy through Adwords that show up in Google Shopping. You can see an example of what PLAs look like in the image above. These type of ads are coupled with a featured image and can draw clicks through to your product pages and increase sales.

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A lot of traffic that comes to your site will often leave never to be seen again. Then, your remarketing ads will start to appear around the web on blogs and sites that act as a way to keep your brand in front of people who already showed interest. You can choose on or both. Speaking of Facebook, in terms of ROI, Facebook Advertising is one of the best places to spend your advertising budget.

That means you can use this platform to reach them at every stage of where they are in their customer journey. By that I mean, whether they have yet to buy from you, have purchased a small dollar item or are a continuous customer, you can create ads specifically for these each of these segments to serve more personal ads that convert better and funnel money back to you.

Because there is SO much to Facebook, I could write an entirely separate article about Facebook advertising and campaigns on the platform. Rejuvenation is a classic American lighting and house parts general store for home improvement whose mission is to add real value to homes, buildings, and projects.