Medically Fragile Training Manual

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Heart of Gold 2017: Honoring the Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children Caregivers

Stay Healthy! This program allows Medicaid eligible persons who meet institutional level of care requirements to remain at home or in the residential setting of their choosing while receiving the necessary care. Potential members are referred for the Medically Fragile Waiver through the common intake form.

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Once the intake form is submitted their name is placed on the Medically Fragile waiting list. Prospective and current caregivers may be exempt from the F-Rate training requirement under either of the following circumstances. All caregivers are required to be trained on the child's specific medical needs.

Verification of this training is documented on the Medical Training Confirmation form. For recipients of state and federally funded Kin-GAP programs, the F-Rate is available to the relative caregiver or relative guardian once DCFS determines that the assessed child meets the criteria.

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If the relative guardian resides outside of the county with payment responsibility, the county with payment responsibility pays the host county's specialized care rate or its own specialized care rate if the host county has no specialized care system. An out-of-home caregiver may not have more than two 2 children receiving a specialized care rate, regardless of their licensed capacity , unless one of the following conditions have been met:. Placement of a third child, with or without special needs, requires ARA approval. Out-of-County placements require the cooperation of both county agencies.

This applies to children being sent to live with parents or relatives as well as non-relative placements. If the host county does not have a specialized rate, the LA County increment applies in conjunction with the host county's basic rates.

Bureau of Children’s Medicaid Management | OCFS

As needed, the host county's child protective agency can assist in making a referral to have the child assessed by the host county's mental health agency or other DCFS approved entity. Out-of-State placements require the cooperation of agencies in both states.

Eligibility Requirements

If the host state does not have a specialized rate, the Los Angeles County Increment applies in conjunction with the host state's basic rates. A letter must be on file from the host state indicating what criteria, if any, is required and the rate the child is eligible to receive.

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  • Caring for Medically Fragile Infants.
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  • Caring for Medically Fragile Infants;

The case-carrying CSW is responsible for acquiring this information. Eligible dependent children of the court may receive either the F-Rate or the dual agency rate for dual agency children , provided that they are placed in a qualified placement. Dual Agency children are defined in the Dual Agency Rate policy.

The child's eligibility for the Dual Agency Rate may be verified by one of the following documents provided by the servicing Regional Center.

Medically Fragile Training Manual

There is no eligibility requirement for a caregiver. If a child has a medical condition or special health care needs the caregiver must receive child-specific medical training from a medical provider. A caregiver should also attend an F-rate training class through the Community Colleges unless it is determined that an exemption applies.

Back to Policy. B An agency shall recommend a foster caregiver be certified to operate only one type of foster home at a time. A foster home may accept a foster child that is assessed as needing care at or below the level of care for which the home is certified. C Whenever a foster caregiver who is certified to operate a foster home wishes to seek to change the foster home's certification to another type of certification, the foster caregiver shall submit a written request to the recommending agency. D If a foster caregiver seeks to change the foster home's certification to a treatment foster home or a medically fragile foster home, the agency shall determine if the foster caregiver meets the qualifying experience requirements contained in paragraph A of rule or of the Administrative Code. If the foster caregiver meets those requirements, the agency shall proceed as in paragraph E of this rule.