Microlocal Analysis and Spectral Theory

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Michael Levitin Reading Dr. Simone Murro Freiburg Prof. Nikolai Saveliev Miami Dr. Marcello Seri Groningen Prof. Dmitri Vassiliev UCL. Matteo Capoferri.

Microlocal Analysis and Spectral Theory

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Capoferri , M. Levitin, D. Lower Bounds for Pseudodifferential Operators; C.

Pure and Applied Analysis

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Seminar on Micro-Local Analysis. Spara som favorit.

Matteo Capoferri

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Tietavainen math. Exercises are available also on a folder next to the assistants door. Students solve the exercises independently at home and the solutions are discussed during the exercise sessions.

Andras Vasy - Microlocal analysis and wave propagation (Part 1)