Miracle on 49th Street

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Miracle on 49th Street

As her mother died from cancer she was force to move into an orphanage. Molly thinks it should be called 1A Joyless Street because of how bored she has been sense she has been there. She has a friend in school named Sam Bloom and he is someone who likes to mess around a lot. Molly likes her school life. Pearl Topics P: This part of the Pearl has not yet been expressed. Sense Mike Lupica is a sports writer I think it may have something to do with a Pro sports player will be talked about.

The only think Molly looks forward to is school and seeing her friend Sam. Molly having no family members alive.


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Molly is really lost in her life because of a lack of family members. She wants to tell him that his mother is dead. Neither of them wants the press to hear about this whole event. This quote also reminded me that Molly needed to move quickly because her chance to speak up was almost gone. This quote made me realize exactly why Molly's mom did not want Josh to be apart of Molly's life.

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Josh was not a good partner, therefore she thought he would not be a good father either. Everyone spoke with a Boston accent.

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It made her giggle. Even in the middle of an adventure, Sam thought a quick snack could fix everything.

miracle on 49th street

This reminds me of myself. I love to eat. I agree with Sam; food makes everything better.

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Also, Sam knew how stressful approaching her father must have been for Molly, so he was trying to do what any good friend would do; lighten the mood. When he really gunned the Navigator into one turn-what was this, the Boston version of the Grand Prix?

I picture Josh with a race car helmet on driving fast and crazy.

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I also picture Molly bouncing around in the back seat, trying to hide from him. She never considered telling him, because she could tell by then that a wife and a baby didn't fit his plan-or his image-because his only plan involved the National Basketball Association.

Miracle on 49th Street

I'm inferring Molly's mom was a very strong woman because of her decision to take on all of the responsibility of raising a child solely by herself. He reached into the inside pocket of it now and pulled out her mom's letter. Somehow he had managed to smooth it out since tossing it in the wastebasket. I was confused as to why Molly never suggested a DNA test from the beginning, but now I understand why. This reminds me of my favorite play, "Annie. I just hope Molly has a happy ending like Annie did.