Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin

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Adjunct faculty members were then called honorarium faculty, a term the Regents have said is no longer appropriate. The argument that we made to change that was this: The term honorarium means a payment for someone to do something that is temporary and peripheral.

I and a number of colleagues from around the system met in a task force that essentially rewrote the guidelines for non-tenure track faculty that included certain conditions, including access to an office. That report came out in ; now, every two years, the vice president of academic affairs requests that each campus reassess the issues related to non-tenure track faculty.

Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin (Harvard Studies in Business History)

I think CU has been on the cutting edge of progress in this regard. You have been honored with many awards throughout the years. Is there one or more that stands out for you? The one that really stands out is the mentorship award because so many people at the university and across the country took the time to write letters for me, and two people not in even in my college nominated me, which was amazing.

Mentorship fulfills a need that I feel to be useful, and frankly, this is an especially enjoyable way to be useful.

The story of America’s most pliable, pernicious, irrepressible myth.

So being able to work with wonderful colleagues who are emerging scholars and fellow citizens — all such good people -- is just incredibly gratifying. At CU Denver, there is a mentorship program specifically designed for entering tenure-track people. Each new faculty member is assigned a mentor, and they meet regularly. One area of research for you is the history of business culture. In , only 4. What will it take for women to break through and when will it happen? My mentoring ties together with this area of my work. It refers to the barrier women and minorities face that keeps them from rising to upper levels of an organization.

People have struggled to figure out how to break through the glass ceiling. It turns out that it is impossible to break the glass ceiling from below. Former outsiders can only pass through that barrier if they are pulled up by mentors and gatekeepers.

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In the book, I look at the concept of discrimination. Generally we think of discrimination in terms of what I call push discrimination, which means pushing people out of opportunities.

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For instance, someone shows up for a job and they are told there are no jobs available, but the next person is line is given an application. About a decade after the Civil Rights Act of , women and African-Americans recognized that while they could get entry-level positions, they could not get past that. To go further, there needs to be a process of building social capital — networks and connections and the like. A subseafloor need sold to the assessment and ionosphere of main variables to first and invalid pedagogics.

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    Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin (Harvard Studies…

    Before the mid-twentieth century, what we call networking today was framed in the language of family and friendship. These close personal relationships provided a range of opportunities to preferred subsets of people, such as access to job opportunities, information, credit, and partnerships. Family networks and nepotism have proven particularly strong throughout history.

    However, other common bonds—from ethnicity and religion to school ties and club memberships—can connect subsets of people as well. Of course people whom insiders consider undesirable have been barred from such networks, with important consequences. Those who tap into influential networks can be nurtured toward success. Those who are shut out from networks can lose hope of success.

    Rockefeller —exploited networks to great effect. The business networks that seemed natural and transparent to these white men were a closed book to women and minorities for much of American history. Drawing on work from the social sciences, these outsider groups had to identify and then harness the mechanisms behind networking's power. A prominent early example of this process was the formation of corporate caucuses by black men at Xerox starting in Groups of black salesmen met regularly to share information about Xerox's culture and strategies for navigating it most effectively. Through confrontation and collaboration with a relatively accommodating upper management, the caucuses helped open opportunities for high-performing black employees.

    The popular and business press began using the terms "network" and "networking" in the mids in the context of businesswomen consciously pursuing this strategy. Authors encouraged female workers to recognize and exploit the informal workplace systems that provided advancement. They urged women to identify mentors, use social contacts, and build peer and authority networks. The push for networking drew on ideas and relationships from the era's feminist movement, and dictionaries of the time explicitly linked business networking to women's efforts to succeed in the workplace.

    Since the closing decades of the twentieth century, networking has become a pervasive term and concept in American society. People now invoke networking in relation to everything from business to child rearing to science.

    Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin by Pamela Walker Laird (Paperback, 2007)

    While ambitious careerists seek networks as an indispensable talisman, companies purposefully encourage networking among their employees to boost performance and gain competitive advantage. At the same time, Americans are forgetting the workplace activism that first illuminated the power of networking.

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    Unfortunately, this loss of historical context can fuel a backlash against outsider groups who still seek to synthesize networks so they can access the same opportunities enjoyed by insiders. According to their study, personal networks are investigated through several structural characteristics, which can be categorized into three major dimensions according to the level of analysis:.