Security Protocols: 5th International Workshop Paris, France, April 7–9, 1997 Proceedings

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Proceedings , volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , pages — Secgod google docs: Now i feel safer! A usability test of whitelist and blacklist-based anti-phishing application. Multi-party trust computation in decentralized environments. Vulnerabilities of decentralized additive reputation systems regarding the privacy of individual votes. Wireless Personal Communications , 66 3 —, Bit-sliced binary normal basis multiplication. Cache-timing attacks and shared contexts. Proceedings , pages —, Remote timing attacks are still practical.

Privacy-preserving scheme for mobile ad hoc networks. An implementation of a semantic, web-based virtual machine laboratory prototyping environment. Communication Systems , 24 12 —, Mitigate dos and ddos attack in mobile ad hoc networks. IJDCF , 3 1 —36, Covert timing channels, caching, and cryptography. New results on instruction cache attacks. Hakala, Kaisa Nyberg, and Sampo Sovio. Secure and fast implementations of two involution ciphers. Scalable packet loss recovery for mobile P2P streaming. Rtsp-based mobile peer-to-peer streaming system. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting , —, Performance response of wireless channels for quantitatively different loss and arrival statistics.

Conversion algorithms and implementations for koblitz curve cryptography. Computers , 59 1 —92, On modular decomposition of integers.

Cache-timing template attacks. An architecture to facilitate membership and service management in trusted communities. Developing network software and communications protocols towards the internet of things. Modeling network security competence for certification. Pure e-learning course in information security. Implementing cryptography for packet level authentication. Fast point decompression for standard elliptic curves. Peer-to-peer streaming technology survey. Personal mobile broadcasting based on the 3gpp MBMS system. Attacks on Message Stream Encryption. Siris, editors.

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Service discovery framework for manets using cross-layered design. A massively scalable persistent content distribution system. Providing movement information to applications in wireless ipv6 and mobile ipv6 terminals. Differential properties of elliptic curves and blind signatures.

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Factoring ipv6 device mobility and ad-hoc interactions into the service location protocol. Koblitz curves and integer equivalents of frobenius expansions. Grain size measurement of crystalline products using maximum difference method. An analytical comparison of the slow-but-steady and impatient variants of TCP new reno.

Communication Systems , 20 6 —, Usability evaluation of anti-phishing toolbars. Journal in Computer Virology , 3 2 —, Left-to-right signed-bit tau -adic representations of n integers short paper. TCP newreno throughput in the presence of correlated losses: The slow-but-steady variant. Efficient three-term simultaneous elliptic scalar multiplication with applications. The pftk-model revised.

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Computer Communications , 29 —, Cross-layer modeling of wireless channels for data-link and IP layer performance evaluation. Computer Communications , 29 7 —, Computer Communications , 29 8 —, Loss performance model for wireless channels with autocorrelated arrivals and losses. Open problems in computer virology. Journal in Computer Virology , 1 —66, About malicious software in smartphones.

Journal in Computer Virology , 2 2 —, A routing-aware handover scheme for mobile IP. Performance evaluation of 3g core network nodes. Inter-domain handover scheme based on forwarding router discovery for mobile IP networks. Refined pftk-model of TCP reno throughput in the presence of correlated losses. Simple, accurate and computationally efficient wireless channel modeling algorithm.

Proactive handover scheme based on forwarding router discovery for mobile IP networks. Method for estimating parameters of 3g data traffic. Barvinok, Alexander. Kaschek, Roland H. Sloman, Aaron. Farzan, Arash; Munro, J.

Open problems in real-time scheduling : article : S. Baruah, Sanjoy K. Bonifaci, Vincenzo; Marchetti-Spaccamela, Alberto. EDF-schedulability of synchronous periodic task systems is coNP-hard : article : pp.

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More effective crossover operators for the all-pairs shortest path problem : article : pp. Representation Invariant Genetic Operators : article : pp. Rowe, Jonathan E. Crossover can provably be useful in evolutionary computation : article : pp. Stiller, Burkhard. Telecommunication economics : overview of the field, recommendations, and perspectives : article S. Research challenges for argumentation : article S.

[PDF] Security Protocols: 5th International Workshop Paris France April 7-9 1997 Proceedings

Challenges for recurrent neural network training : special issue pp. Database-backed program analysis for scalable error propagation : article in ICSE : pp. Xia, Lirong; Conitzer, Vincent. Incremental branching programs : article : S.

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LTL over description logic axioms : article in KR Proceedings of the eleventh international conference on principles of knowledge representation and reasoning : S. LTL over description logic axioms : article in Proceedings ot the 21st international workshop on description logics : DL , Dresden, Germany, May 13 - 16, Konieczny, Sebastien; Pino Perez, Ramon. Confluence operators and their relationships : article : pp The common component modeling example : comparing software component models. Observing the English and Scottish e-elections : article : S. Jason Kitcat ; Ian Brown.

Tagung Frontiers of Electronic Voting, Juli bis 3. August auf Schloss Dagstuhl : Veranstaltungsbesprechung : S. Reimer, Helmut. Feedback spillover and analogy-based expectations : A multi-game experiment : article pp. Optimal allocation without transfer payments : article : pp. Chakravarty, Surajeet; Kaplan, Todd R.. Ontological spring III : 20 - 23 June : reasoning with biomedical information : training course in logic for biomedical research.

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Busemann, Stephan. Dagstuhl "zehn plus eins" : zehn Informatik-Graduiertenkollegs und ein Informatik-Forschungskolleg stellen sich vor : 4.