Silverthorn (The Riftwar Saga, Book 3)

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He rapidly changed tack. Now get up and get dressed. When he was finished dressing he stood before her and put his arms around her waist. Since the day we met I have been your adoring subject, Carline. I have never loved, nor will I love, anyone as I love you, but - ' "I know. I have had months of the same excuses. You don't know how you would fare being tied to one spot though I've noticed you've managed to endure settling down here in the King's palace. Well, lover mine, those excuses may serve you as you bid farewell to some poor tavern keeper's daughter, but they'll do you little good here.

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We shall see what Lyam thinks of all this. I should imagine there is some old law or other in the archives dealing with commoners becoming involved with nobles. My father is entitled to a golden sovereign, a pair of mules, and a farm for your having taken advantage of me. Suddenly Carline giggled, tried to smother it, then laughed aloud. He cradled her gently in the circle of his arms. You may dare make free with my person, but the King may take a dim view of things as they stand. Suddenly Carline's mood softened. Her expression changed to one of reassurance.

He's never been able to say no to anything I've truly asked for since I was tiny. This is not Crydee. He knows things are different here, and that I'm no longer a child. Look, Laurie. You're no simple farmer or cobbler. You speak more languages than any "educated" noble I have known. You read and write.

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You have traveLed widely, even to the Tsurani world. You have wits and talents. You are much more able to govern than many who are born to it. Besides, if I can have an older brother who was a hunter before becoming a duke, why not a husband who was a singer? I simply don't have a good answer.

I love you without stint, but the rest - ' 'Your problem is you have the ability to govern, but you just don't want the responsibility.

Silverthorn (Riftwar Saga Series #3)

You're lazy. Said I'd never make a decent farmer. I've given this much consideration.

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I thought I was in love before, twice, but you're the only man who could get me to forget who I am and act this shamelessly. When I'm with you, nothing makes sense, but that's all right, because then I don't care if the way I feel makes sense. But now I must care. You'd better make a choice, and make it soon. I'll bet my jewels Arutha and Anita will announce they are betrothed before my brothers are in the palace a day.

Which means we'll all be off to Krondor for their wedding.

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  5. It will be up to you to decide if you will be coming back with us, Laurie. But you must get ready to choose. You are my first lover, and will always be my dearest love, but when I return here you will be either my husband or a memory. But time is short. Page 22 'Now come along and help me greet the King. They hurried to where carriages were waiting to take the reception committee to the docks. Laurie of Tyr-sog, troubadour, traveLer, and hero of the Riftwar, was acutely aware of the presence of this woman at his side and wondered how it would feel to be denied that presence for good and all.

    He felt decidedly unhappy at the prospect.

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    Rillanon, capital of the Kingdom of the Isles, waited to welcome home her King. The buildings were bedecked in feStive bunting and hothouse flowers. Brave pennants flew from the rooftops and bold banners of every colour were strung between the buildings over the streets the King would travel. Called Jewel of the Kingdom, Rillanon reSted upon the slopes of many hills, a marvellous place of graceful spires, airy arches, and delicate spans.

    The late King, Rodric, had embarked upon a restoration of the city, adding lovely 'marble and quartz stone facing to most of the buildings before the palace'; rendering the city a sparkling wonderland in the afternoon sunlight. Page 23 The Royal Eagle approached the King's dock, where the welcoming party waited. In the distance, upon those buildings and hillside streets affording a clear view of the dock, throngs of citizens were cheering the return of their 'young King. For many years Rillanon had abided under the black cloud of King Rodric's madness, and though Lyam was still a stranger to most of the city's populace, he was adored, for he was young and handsome, his bravery in the Riftwar was widely known, and his generosity had been great.

    He had lowered taxes. It was quickly made secure and the gangway run out.

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    Arutha watched as Lyam was the first to descend. As tradition dictated, he dropped to his knees and kissed the soil of his homeland. Arutha's eye's scanned the crowd, seeking Anita, but in the press of nobles moving forward to greet Lyam he saw no sign of her. A momentary cold stab of doubt struck him. Martin nudged Arutha, who, protocol dictated, was expected to be the second to disembark. Arutha hurried down the gangway, with Martin a step behind. Arutha's Page 24 attention was caught by the sight of his sister leaving the side of the singer, Laurie, to rush forward and fiercely hug Lyam.

    While others in the reception committee were not as free with ritual as Carline, there was a spontaneous cheer from the courtiers and guards awaiting the King's pleasure. Then Arutha had Carline's arms about his neck as she bestowed a kiss and hug on him. Arutha had been wearing the dour expression he exhibited when lost in thought. He said, 'What sour looks? He stiffened at first, for he was still less comfortable with a sister than with two brothers, then he relaxed and hugged her back. Carline said, 'i've grown bored without you three around. Besides, he's the best man Page 25 I've met who's not my brother.

    Lord Caldric, Duke of Rillanon, First Adviser to the King, and Lyam's great-uncle, smiled broadly as the King's huge hand engulfed his own in a vigorous shake. Lyam nearly had to shout over the cheers from those nearby.


    She's in the eastern garden, waiting for you. Lyam leaned close to caldric and said, 'Anita. But that won't be for a few weeks yet. These things take time, and we have a kingdom to govern in the meantime, though it seems you've done well enough in our absence. Those petitions and other documents forwarded to you during your travels were but a tenth part of what you will see. Your city wishes to see its King. She moved quietly between well-tended planters of flowers not quite ready to send forth blooms.

    A few heartier varieties were already beginning to take on the bright green of spring and many of the bordering hedges were evergreen, but the garden still seemed more the barren symbol of winter than the fresh promise of spring, which Page 27 would manifest itself within a few weeks. Anita looked across the vista of Rillanon below.

    The palace sat atop a hill, once the site of a large keep that still served as its heart. Seven high-arched bridges spanned the river that surrounded the palace with the loops of its meandering course.

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    The afternoon wind was chill, and Anita drew a shawl of fine silken material close about her shoulders. Anita smiled in remembrance. Her green eyes misted over slightly as she thought of her late father, Prince Erland, and of all that had occurred in the last year and more: how Guy du Bas-Tyra had arrived in Krondor and attempted to force her into a marriage of state, and how Arutha had come to Krondor incognito.

    They had hidden together under the protection of the Mockers - the thieves of Krondor - for over a month until their escape to Crydee.