Spanish Women in the Golden Age: Images and Realities (Contributions in Womens Studies)

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And as the response of the common foot soldiers made clear. This article is a disgrace! Do you have the courage to show this article to the 3 million Venezuelans who has left the country in the past years? I invite you to go shopping as a regular Venezuelan stop spreading shameful lies! Susana, thank you for your comment. Why do they need to travel on mountain roads to get from Venezuela to Colombia? Do you know anything about the geography of the border area?

The Times only tries to create that impression, with classic Orwellian Newspeak. Mark I am a Venezuelan residing in the US for fifty years. In the last 3 years I have had to supply my family with medicines and money in order to help them survive the situation. The devaluation of the bolivar, the inflation which you do not mention on your biased reports have made utterly impossible to afford many things.

Most of my second cousins, the young generation, have had to leave in order to survive and get a better life. The demostrations of January 23 should tell you that the majority of the people are against your praised totalitarian goverment, that little by little changed the constitution to fit their agenda and I wonder why there are so many Cubans in my country, they are sucking the life out of the oil producing country in order to keep theirs up. Thank you, Zuleika for your comments. Schwarz Jr.

The US sabotage of the economy goes unmentioned, although it is staring everybody in the face. I presume you are including the doctors and sports trainers in economically marginalized communities who are invariably accused by the imperial media of being spies, or something bad. They actually are welcomed in those communities, in countries around the world. See anything familiar there? The rich, buy their kids million dollar apartments in Paris to live in while studying. The rich ARE are are the Boliburgeois..

What happened? What did I miss? The rich in the US lost their money!? Susana, as for your claim about 3 million people having left Venezuela: if you are Colombian with Venezuelan relatives, you should know that 5. Venezuela has served for decades as an escape valve to relieve economic pressures elsewhere in Latin America, especially in Colombia but in Ecuador, Peru and other countries as well.


When oil prices collapse, the Venezuelan economy does too, and many return home. That has happened repeatedly, but especially in the devastating years of the s and s. The only difference in the current situation is the effort by US officials to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

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They have been attempting that unsuccessfully since , through attempted coups, massive economic sabotage and murderous armed revolts. You mentioned you live there, must be nice being so fortunate and cushy that you can avoid such a stark reality! Thank you, Mo. The hardships were caused initially by the collapse in oil prices. Hard as it may be to believe, some people understand that. This is so fake, please say the true venezuela is in a real crisis the economic war is inside venezuela not from outside and the real people who made this conflict began is chavez and the socialist party.

Please stop the represion please stop the control of the economy let venezuela be a free country. And yet, here in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I talk daily with people from Venezuela telling me that it is just as bad as the American press says it is. And these are people from all walks of life, from doctors, lawyers, and engineers to people who had worked unskilled labor. Here, uniformly, all of these people other than doctors all of them are scraping by, mainly working very low paying jobs in restaurants.

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The pharmacy where I bought it is in the Santa Monica area of Caracas. If you look at the medicines on the top shelf in the photo, you can see the acetaminophen that I bought: the package labeled Atamel Forte. If you expand the photo you can easily see the name Pfizer in the upper right corner of the packages, above where it says mg. You can probably read that too. And yes, the media lying was so intense that I also thought there had to be some explanation: this pharmacy must be an exception.

So I checked several other pharmacies. They all had the same products. And the other pharmacies I checked were, like this one, local pharmacies, usually chain outlets but not megastores or anything like that. I first went to this one because it was closest to my apartment building, but there are several others within easy walking distance.

But they all have a knowledgeable professional staff.

Intimate Partner Violence in the Golden Age: Systematic Review of Risk and Protective Factors

I have always asked at the pharmacy counter for various prescription medications. In this one, the woman in front of me had seven prescriptions, and the pharmacist quickly filled them all. I asked whether they had sumatriptan generic Imitrex or similar migraine medications. The pharmacist always directs me to the same over-the-counter migraine medication you can find in any US pharmacy, essentially double-strength ibuprofen. There have been reports in the US media of a lack of insulin in Venezuela, among other prescription medicines that are or have been in short supply. Some have tried to get by on less than they need, taking a chance that they will be ok, all too frequently with tragic results.

They sold the patent to the University of Toronto for one dollar, so that such an essential medication could be a gift to the world. Instead, it has become a gift to the drug companies, which use a battery of lawyers to prevent a generic form from being permitted, and to keep jacking up the price. In Great Britain, patients get it for free as part of the National Health. In Venezuela, there was a shortage because the economic strangle imposed by the Trump administration prevented Citibank from cashing a check to purchase insulin, for months.

So, why are there thousands of Venezuelans in Guayaquil, looking for work, also on the street corners, begging? I am not an activist, or organizer, but I do like to communicate with people. Why would that be? You were careful to timestamp your observations, and I appreciate that as being honest. Could it be that news reports were exaggerated then, but things have become worse and that they are as is being told? WHY would that be? Come on, Dan! What if the US would just let Venezuela participate in the international marketplace?

WHY are they driving year old cars, Dan? Any guesses?

Yes, things have become worse because of the extreme economic squeeze play by the US authorities against Venezuela. Unfortunately, this did not start with Trump. Obama had already started it with the absurd claim that Venezuela represented a threat to the security of the United States.

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If things were as bad as the media, and you, say they are, why should it be necessary to inflict this much extra pain on the people of Venezuela? Surely the US authorities should not have to create an artificial economic crisis to get the population to rebel? Yet the Trump gang and its designated puppet Juan Guaido flopped miserably Saturday.

They were hoping to get the Venezuelan armed forces to revolt, or at least to desert. Nothing of the sort occurred. A few soldiers deserted, which only served to show that it could be done. To my credit, I have observed things on my own, here in Ecuador, talking with real people who claim to be refugees from there. It appears to me all you have done is watch youtube videos and read an article. Please note that the youtube link you shared, here on my computer at least, resolves to youtube.

There are troubles all over the world and there are conflicting reports, probably, about all of them. At least Mark Cook has been civil and informative in his responses, as you have been snide and deprecating. By the way, regarding these photographs you give of crowd shots. Images such as these where the depth of field is such that a majority of the shot is well out of focus, seem to be very easy to doctor to make appear larger than they are. With all due respect, the speculation that the photographs of the crowd could have been doctored seems to come from the grasping-at-straws department.

Yes, of course, any photo can be doctored, but if there was any evidence that they had been, we would have heard about it by now. None of those occurred. The Trump gang thought it would be easy: the Venezuelan troops were right on the Colombian border, so desertion would not have been hard. The tiny handful who did, some with their families, served perfectly to make that clear. In fact, Trump had made it hard not to do what he said. He threatened those who did not follow his orders i.