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  5. Growth and smooth spectral synthesis in the Fourier algebras of Lie groups.
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The second method is a hybrid in which a sampled attack is spliced onto a sustain synthesized via spectral interpolation. The spectral interpolation model has been applied successfully to different intstriments belonging to the brass and woodwind family. We plan to extend the study to many more instruments.

Sonic Lab: iZotope IRIS Spectral Synthesizer

Christoph Lischka and Johannes Fritsch. An article for the computer music community. The JAES article is probably easier to come by and more complete.

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  • The technique greatly reduces the amount of data needed to represent a harmonic sound; however, it fails to convincingly reproduce inharmonic sounds. To reproduce sounds with inharmonic attacks we use a hybrid method which combines sampling and.

    Session 2: Physics, Oscillators, Sines & Spectra, Spectral/Additive Synthesis

    This is the most comprehensive presentation of our work on analysis and synthesis. I still have copies; if you would like one, send me email. Dannenberg, Pellerin, and Derenyi. This paper is the first I know of that reports on envelopes of trumpet tones played in a musical context. The very first time series for model st35gm04n33 consisting of three time steps.

    The longest computed time series to date different model.

    Spectral Synthesis

    Different presentation of spectral time series. The A-star puzzle Many previous attempts to reproduce line asymmetry in A-stars failed: the hydrodynamical models would predict steeper blue wing like on the Sun while the observations show the opposite.

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    The new models computed with CO 5 BOLD code in "box-in-star" framework and an accurate disk integration using several rays qualitatively match the observations. The effects on different spectral lines should be further investigated.

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