Stakeknife: Britains Secret Agents in Ireland

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Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents In Ireland

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Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland

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Police collusion found in North Ireland sectarian killings

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All The Old Knives. According to the paper, it was the first time that the man previously known by the pseudonym 'Martin Ingram' had revealed himself to be Ian Hurst. His codename was alleged to be Stakeknife. In , Hurst as Ingram wrote a book with the Irish journalist Greg Harkin , Stakeknife: Britain's secret agents in Ireland , which alleged that British intelligence officers had orchestrated assassinations in Northern Ireland.

Hurst served in the army's intelligence corps and the covert military intelligence unit known as the Force Research Unit FRU. He served in Northern Ireland in two tours between and He married a woman from Co Donegal, from a republican family, and says he now favours a united Ireland. A lengthy Wikipedia entry on Ingram reflects suspicion about him and his claims from both sides. Hurst decided to reveal himself because he believes the threat to his life has diminished.

He told me: "It was an open secret for a long time because my name has been widely disseminated on the internet. There are no secrets from the IRA.