The Illuminati Papers

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Description Is history a vast conspiracy? A cosmic joke? Discover the truth - maybe - in the long-awaited new edition of Robert Anton Wilson's classic cult bestseller The Illuminati Papers. Created as a vehicle to amuse and enlighten, the story of the Illuminati has attracted devoted readers world-wide, who have found in it a perfect metaphor for our times.

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This edition has a new introduction, cover and layout. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Very good. Bookseller Inventory Book Description Sphere Books, Ltd. Light rubbing wear to cover, spine and page edges. Very minimal writing or notations in margins not affecting the text. Possible clean ex-library copy, with their stickers and or stamp s. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller.

Add to Basket. Condition: Good. Connecting readers with great books since Customer service is our top priority!. Condition: Very Good. Very good, pricing sticker partially removed from bottom of rear cover. Book Description Sphere, Condition: Used; Good. If mankind was spread out through the solar system, they'd be much harder to control. Some of them lust after the mineral wealth of space, and some want literally new worlds to conquer.

Illuminati Papers

Some of them ARE aliens. Good question.

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Great huge beings that are madness to look upon, or tiny, malicious things that glare and gibber from dark corners. They have pins and dolls; they know old names. Other Illuminati have embraced technology. They are also conditioning everyone to believe that computers are so complicated and dangerous that only the Experts should play with them.

And some of these technophiles have gone a step farther, creating actual machine intelligences. The Illuminati don't like war; it's expensive and wasteful. War only happens when two groups of Illuminati are very evenly matched and neither is willing to negotiate.

But then they whip a few nations into a patriotic fervor and go at it. They send secret messages through the newspapers and airwaves - in the classified ads, and even buried in news reports.

The Truth About The Illuminati Revealed

They have other, even stranger forms of secret communications. They keep everyone - yes, everyone - under constant surveillance. Every time you fill out another questionnaire, you're weaving another strand of the net that binds the world.

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They are working to make the law as confusing as possible, so everything will be illegal or potentially illegal - then they have a hold on everybody and everyone will fear the laws. They encourage resistance to authority among young people and political dissidents, to distract government attention from the real enemy within. But when they reach a satisfactory level of control, they turn their efforts toward extinguishing independence and encouraging mindless obedience to whatever orders come from the Illuminati or their servants.

They commit random atrocities - poisoning food at grocery stores, murdering old blind ladies, sniping on the freeway - just to make people vaguely confused, frightened and paranoid. They suppress inventions which might change the status quo. The mile-a-gallon carburator, the perfect contraceptive, and the cornucopia plant are all lying in Illuminati vaults, waiting for the day when it will suit the Secret Masters to release them.

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What happened to the inventors? Bought off, intimidated, or just vanished. On the other hand, they also maintain secret laboratories where they develop new weapons and devices of all kind. Their arcane investigations cause all sorts of mysteries. Ever wonder about the Loch Ness Monster?

And they require hundreds of human victims every year for their experiments. Ever wonder why there are so many Missing Persons reports, and why so few of those people are found? They are constantly experimenting with new types of mind control. They experiment with microwaves and ultra-low-frequency devices, too. Did you ever stop to think just how many wires lead to your house?


And do you have any idea where they really come from? Naturally, they discourage investigation of the strange and unusual, because it might lead to them. But they encourage people to joke about the Illuminati. They also publish supermarket tabloids, just to make sure that everybody thinks "Hitler's Brain Is Alive! And they encourage the craziest pseudo-science "researchers" they can find, because this tends to discredit legitimate investigators into the unusual. A popular belief is that the Illuminati want power for its own sake.

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This is true of some of them. But other Illuminated groups exist to support an ideology, to achieve a particular goal, or simply to oppose some other group of Illuminati! One of their chief preoccupations is life extension by any means possible.