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Sort order. Apr 04, G. This book started off really well for me and I thought I was going to love it I did enjoy it despite the rather convoluted and at times silly plot. I could not quite get my head around one or two of the rather implausible plot turns! Joe Johnston is still developing in this first novel, might be interesting to see how he turns out in the second and third novels in this series. It is a fast paced novel and there is plenty of action for action lovers! View 2 comments.

Jun 09, kartik narayanan rated it liked it Shelves: unfinished-series. The Last Nazi is an average action thriller but it does not really have that 'oomph'. The story was decently complex with some characters having realistic motivations and the writing is fine. Unfortunately, there is no real sense of tension that we get, even during, action scenes or the climax, which sort of makes everything fizzle out. View 1 comment.

Ex-Nazi guard, 94, goes on trial over 170,000 killings at Auschwitz

Aug 12, Yvonne rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime-thriller , historical-fiction , sent-via-author , action-adventure. This is an action packed, fast paced, intriguing book of deception, deceit, conspiracy. It spans several continents and events that started in several decades later come to light in I really enjoyed this book. The thing that soon became obvious as I read, was the attention to detail. The historical aspect has been very well researched and executed, within a very action packed and fast paced story. There are certain things from the living conditions of prisoners in concentration cam This is an action packed, fast paced, intriguing book of deception, deceit, conspiracy.

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He has not got bogged down with too much historical information, instead he has found a good balance that is essential to a certain sub-plots of the story. The same balance has been found with the political aspects of the story as well, enough to be helpful but not overly done. I think what I am trying to say is that, there is a lot of sub plots within the main story, therefore a lot of detail, but at no point do you lose the rhythm or the main points of the story.

All these aspects have been very well and cleverly intertwined to give the reader a great reading experience.

German Nazi camp guard, 92, charged as accessory to thousands of murders - Reuters

It incorporates scandal, war crimes, Nazism, corruption and revenge. The characters have been very well-developed, they are strong and well described. I thought all the charcters mentioned were easily identifiable and memorable. When the reader first meets them they are in a collapsed tunnel, but along with other prisoners and guards they are able to use side tunnels to get out.

The tunnels are used for storage, several wooden crates have been stored there, it will take over 60 years for the contents to be revealed. Now in the reader is brought to the main characters. Joe Johnson, a widower with two children, he is of Polish decent. They are both attending a campaign rally by David Kudrow. His brother Nathaniel has something to tell both Joe and Fiona, but they never find out what that actually was. With her journalistic interests piqued, Fiona cannot let go the feeling that something is amiss, she enrolls Joe in to help her find the story. They both have a background in war crimes, giving lectures and help bring down those involved in the atrocities.

What they unearth with this investigation. I would definitely recommend to readers who like action and adventure, thriller, crime and mystery genres. As I read past the story I was really pleased to discover that this is the first in a series of books featuring Joe Johnson, and I for one cannot wait to read more. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Turpin for a copy of this e-book.

My review and thoughts about this book are honest and unbiased. The tunnel the prisoners were working in collapsed allowing two Polish Jewish twin brothers to escape.

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  7. The guard shot the remaining work detail, taking his anger from the escape out on them. Over the years the twin brothers blackmailed the Nazi, who was hiding in South America under an assumed name, with the gold the recovered after their escape. It is a well written and suspenseful novel worthy of reading. I plan to read more in the series. View all 3 comments. Aug 25, Ronald Keeler rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. The Last Nazi by Andrew Turpin shows us that good writing can make even well-examined plot lines interesting and somewhat new.

    After the end of WWII, there seemed to be no end to themes exploring the Nazi soldiers that got away, stolen hoards of gold that reappeared through unexplained front organizations, speculation on what the world would look like if Germany had won the war, and the possible coming to power of a fourth Reich. This novel will revisit a combination of parts of those themes w The Last Nazi by Andrew Turpin shows us that good writing can make even well-examined plot lines interesting and somewhat new. This novel will revisit a combination of parts of those themes with a slightly new twist that makes this novel an interesting read.

    There are several mysteries with solutions that are hinted at in a step-by-step manner that should entertain the inquisitive reader's mind.

    Attacking the Devil: Harold Evans and the Last Nazi War Crime

    All this is to say I liked this novel. Jacob and Daniel were German prisoners forced to work in tunnels in Poland.

    Karl Muenter had already been convicted in France over his role in the killing of 86 males in 1944.

    Boxes of unidentified goods were being stored in vaults at the end of the tunnels. In the Prologue, we have a tunnel collapse. Many are killed and the survivors are shackled for a train trip back to camp incarceration. Because of the excitement of the tunnel collapse and bickering between guards as to who will be blamed for time and work lost, Jacob's hands were not secured tightly. He was able to free his twin brother Daniel but they had to jump from the train without being able to free other prisoners.

    We then move forward in time to the present day. He had a personal interest in hunting down war criminal as his relatives had been incarcerated in one of the more infamous death camps. These days, Joe is a sometime private investigator but also has earnings from giving lectures and collaborating on stories about his work as a Nazi hunter. Invited to a party, Joe meets former love interest and reporter Fiona.

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    The fundraiser was to promote the campaign of David Kudrow, a Republican candidate, and opponent of Mitt Romney. David had a brother, Nathaniel, who had just suffered setbacks in the financial sector and was a bit envious of the increasingly famous David. Their father is Daniel, one of the twins who had escaped from the prisoner train.

    Daniel now lived in the US, Jacob lived in London. Presidential candidate David didn't seem to have much trouble with funding. His father and uncle were able to make frequent contributions to the campaign. Nathaniel, the failed and envious brother likes to drink. In his talk with Joe Johnson, he reveals the name of the camp where his father and uncle had been imprisoned.

    Joe is surprised.

    The Last Nazi

    It is the same camp where his relatives were imprisoned. Nathaniel probably knew this. Nathaniel goes on to hint at a dark source of campaign funding for brother David. Nathaniel knows that Joe has won awards for investigative reporting. Joe is hooked and agrees to meet Nathaniel later at a more discreet location for a longer talk. Nathaniel moves on to talk separately with Fiona. Attracted to her, Nathaniel seeds their conversation with more clues as to the source of David's financial support. Nathaniel suggests a later meeting at a pub to speak further of devious financial goings on.

    Nathaniel will not meet with either Joe or Fiona. But there were problems, ones explored by the rest of the novel. There were minor mysteries such as: where did Nathaniel go? There were more important mysteries such as: how was the gold or money laundered in a way that it could be funneled to a current US presidential candidate? David was opposing Mit Romney and sitting President Obama. To accept money tainted with a Nazi past would be almost as absurdly impossible as a US Presidential candidate accepting campaign help from Russia.

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    The novel proceeds with several clever twists and turns as false identities, shell companies, and financial fronts are explored. Joe Johnson is tenacious in his pursuit of truth, far more so than in his pursuit of Fiona. There are several good subplots. There is gang strife as a younger group of gang members war with their aged leaders.

    The aged leaders are part of an organization linked with Jacob and Daniel. Investigator Joe has several links to former intelligence colleagues so readers experience a good spy story. Finally, there is last minute action that contributes several surprises to a well-planned ending that brings all parts of the story to a logical ending. This is a solid read with surprises made more surprising by the paths that readers are enticed to follow.