Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2008

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The most recent developments in marketing and sales as well as in travel technology and business travel are of key importance for managing travel and tourism companies. Bibliographic information.

Publication date Note Revised conference papers. Reproduction Electronic reproduction. New York : Springer, Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Web browser. Title from title screen viewed on Oct. Access may be restricted to users at subscribing institutions. ISBN Brazil; and This growth came entirely in travel to overseas regions, excluding Canada and Mexico, which experienced declines of one percent and three percent respectively Otti, U.

While Canada, Mexico, and Europe are still the dominant destinations of choice for Americans, other regions of interest are growing rapidly, most particularly Central America and Africa, followed by the Middle East and South America. For adventure travel companies, knowledge of where in the U.

Despite a fairly optimistic picture compared with last year, in the last two decades, the U. In addition, outbound travel continues to lag when compared to other nations, most particularly those in Europe. Alarmed by this deteriorating situation, the U. While some individual destinations and private sector businesses from the U.

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Current trends in the global tourism industry. In response to current economic, social, and political realities, the current trends in the travel and tourism industry are:.

By the year , tourism will be the world's largest industry. Travel and tourism is the third largest retail industry in the U. However, there has been a significant change in the industry since , with various sectors of the industry struggling and adjusting to the future marketplace. Americans took 1, Americans suffer from "time poverty" - the generalized sense that people do not have enough time to do what they want.

Americans work an average of nine full weeks hours more per year than their European counterparts see table 1. Americans work longer hours than medieval peasants did. According to a national survey by the University of Michigan's Survey Research Center, nearly one in five workers now spends more than 50 hours per week at work. The Survey Research Center also found that students spend eight hours more a week in school than kids did 20 years ago, and homework time has nearly doubled. Unlike other countries, the U. Australians have four weeks off by law, the Europeans four and five weeks, the Japanese two weeks.

Expedia research shows that Americans, with an average of 12 vacation days per year, leave a total of million vacation days unused.

Domestic Tourism in Kenya: Trends, Initiatives and Practices

Since people have less free time, there is greater competition for those rare leisure hours. For instance, museums and attractions continue to expand and multiply while attendance is shrinking. Cruise lines continue expanding with new and larger cruises to far-reaching exotic ports. All this results in more to do and less time in which to do it.

This is one of the top trends underlying the travel and tourism industry. Fragile consumer confidence affecting travel decisions. Consumers' assessment of present-day conditions continues to grow more negative, suggesting that the economy remains stuck in low gear. Looking ahead, consumers' economic outlook is so bleak that the Expectation Index has reached a new all-time low. Perhaps the silver lining to this otherwise dismal report is that Consumer Confidence may be nearing a bottom www.

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The record highest level was Soaring fuel costs affecting every aspect of travel - an enormous challenge for the travel industry. The skyrocketing price of fuel could "devastate" the airline industry and hurt the economy. The failure of just one airline could disrupt travel for , to , daily passengers and cause between 30, and 75, immediate job losses TIA Facts and Information.

Small and mid-size cities now served mainly by seat regional jets might see dramatic cuts resulting in challenges for recruiting conventions, new factories, and corporate offices. Managers cited travelers taking trips closer to home, taking fewer trips, and reducing the number of vacation days traveled as the top ways that Americans are adjusting their travel plans. Frustrations with the airline industry spurred air travelers to avoid 41 million trips last year according to a report by the Travel Industry Association TIA.

The research, conducted by polling firms Peter D. Airline delays, cancellations and inefficient security screenings were the aspects of flight that travelers found most irritating. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the hotel business has received its lowest industry-wide rating since It has become more desirable just to stay home.

Internet: 1 source of travel planning and purchasing - however, the consumer is becoming the medium for travel information via "social media" and networking sites. According to their data, consumers conducting travel research planning outnumber those booking online two-to-one. Also, one out of every four people online visits social networking sites such as TripAdvisor.

According to the YPartnership's Travel Monitor Study, one out of five travelers have used a "blog" to read a review about a travel service provider. Also, while use of the internet has stabilized, the number of consumers buying online travel is still growing. RTM predicts this consumer-to-consumer style of travel information sourcing will be one of the largest trends to affect the travel and tourism industry in the near future. Simply put, the consumer is now in control of tourism marketing. Business travel: Slight growth and vigilant cost containment. The growth of business travel will be slower.

Businesses have cut back on travel and instead rely on less expensive communications capabilities such as webcasts and videoconferences. Geotourism, an emerging sector in tourism, is defined as tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place being visited - its environment, culture, and heritage. American travelers are choosing more rural and out-of-the-way destinations, focusing in part on cultural, historic and natural resources.

Factors Affecting Global Tourism

The report divides geotourists into three segments: Geo-savvies They share an intellectual curiosity as reflected in their well-above average tendencies to participate in a number of educationally-and culturally-oriented activities in their local communities. They also share more highly developed social consciences, engaging in pro-environment behaviors at home and more actively supporting environmental and cultural organizations through donations of time and money than the other segments.

A Global Perspective on Trends in Nature-Based Tourism

Generational shifts. Setting the Table. The Australian Bird Guide. Vogue : The Covers Updated Edition. Festival and Special Event Management 5th Edition.

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