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Wild Thing review - Josh Bazell

Bazell must have been scared by the Koch brothers as an infant. Wild Thing : A Novel. Josh Bazell. Beat the Reaper left critics applauding, readers gasping, and Dr.

The book's ending is harsh and the entire tenor of the work is uncompromising. Morag is a backward Scottish girl who has been raised in a series of foster homes. One day, clutching a newspaper photo she has been gazing at for years — an idyllic mountain scene — she runs away to the highlands.


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She is a bitter, unfocused child who has been alienated by adults, and her identity is cloudy to her. She is looking for her life. With two goats for company, she learns to forage off the crude land, to kill game, and whenever necessary, to steal from distant farms. Her loneliness is so intense that she hallucinates. In painful segments, her past comes back to her a promiscuous mother, a dead sister, an infant brother.

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Max, on the other hand, is fully a child, and the line between his real life and his fantasy life is still blurry. He builds forts, dons a wolf-suit and howls, invents elaborate revenge schemes, and seeks out people primarily for their willingness and ability to have fun. He turns to his mother and her boyfriend Gary, but they too are unwilling to enter into his imaginative realm.

The Troggs- Wild Thing

Finally, his frustration at their refusal to acknowledge his desires grows so intense that he bites his mother—a fitting enough response for a wolf-boy, but a terrifying outrage to the grown-up human world. He leads the beasts in all kinds of mayhem, one wild rumpus after another.

He becomes their King and even starts a war, which spins wildly out of control. And while he rules them, he also worries that they will devour him, or accidentally crush him beneath their massive weight.

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Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. How does The Wild Things illuminate the challengers families face today? With his weekly high school class, he edits The Best American Nonrequired Reading , a yearly anthology, and with his brother, Toph, he cowrites the Haggis-on-Whey series of semi-informative books, which includes Giraffes? Basil E. Frankweiler ; C.

Book Review: Wild Thing by Josh Bazell

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